Maryland Sportsbooks And Sports Betting Sites For MD Residents

Betting sports in person and betting sports online is certainly a popular thing to do in the United States. But there are some legal issues to take into account when electing to bet on sports. There are laws enacted at both the state and federal levels which relate to sports betting in person and online. However, there are also legal ways for bettors in the U.S. to wager on sports.

The state of Maryland is surrounded by sports teams from all different leagues, so it's only natural to assume that there is a passionate fan-base that resides within that region. And that would be correct. There are two NFL teams who technically play in the state, in the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins, as well as other professional and collegiate sports teams in and around the Maryland and D.C. area. And with sports being so popular in the state, betting on sports is also popular. breaks down all the different online sportsbooks that accept Maryland residents, as the online sports betting industry has taken off over the last decade. In addition to that, find out about the legal status of sports betting in Maryland and more.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Maryland Residents

Residents in the state of Maryland who are interested in betting sports online can rest easy knowing that there are legal online sportsbooks that they can sign up for and join. These sportsbook do not operate in Maryland, or even in the United States for that matter. Some of the top online sportsbooks in the world operate outside the United States, but allow USA bettors to sign up and join.

SportsBetting - Bet All Sports From NFL To Horse Racing To Stuff Like TV Shows

Maryland bettors can sign up at and play and receive up to a $900 bonus on every deposit that they make. It's what is referred to as a lifetime bonus, where depending on your method of deposit, bettors can receive anywhere from a 15 percent to a 25 percent bonus good for up to $900 each time they fund an account. has all sports betting lines that Maryland residents could want, covering the sports and leagues in the surrounding area. Bet on the odds for the Ravens to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, or for the Terrapins to win the college basketball title.

Does accept Maryland residents?

If you are looking to sign up at as a U.S. citizen and resident of Maryland, you can do so completely legally. Bettors who do sign up must be of legal gambling age for the site and for Maryland.

BetOnline - Every Deposit Can Earn Up To 25% For A Maximum Bonus Of $900

Operating out of Panama, BetOnline Sportsbook can get prospective sports bettors in the state of Maryland a huge bonus when they make a deposit. In fact, every deposit that a player makes into BetOnline can get a bonus of up to $900. BetOnline accepts Maryland players of legal gambling age to create and account, and wager on all of their favorites players and teams. BetOnline makes it simple and easy to fund your account and get on your way to making some money.

Does BetOnline accept Maryland residents?

BetOnline does not operate in the U.S., but it is legal. Players who live in the borders of Maryland are allowed create an account and place wagers on whatever odds are currently available at the site.

5 Dimes - Accepts VISA, Checks, Money Orders & More For Maryland Bettors

5Dimes Sportsbook offers a two-part sportsbook bonus for Maryland sports bettors, where players can receive a 50 percent bonus up to $200, and plus an additional bonus of up $320 for a total bonus amount of $520. And when you visit 5Dimes and check out the betting lines that they offer players, it's certainly easy to see why bettors choose 5Dimes as their preferred sportsbook. Find hundreds of betting lines every day at 5Dimes, including some that you might not find anywhere else. 5Dimes is certainly unique in the regard, and can provide players with some great betting lines.

Does 5Dimes accept Maryland residents?

Yes, 5Dimes Sportsbook is legal for Maryland players to sign up for an account. Residents must meet the age requirements from the sportsbook as well as the Maryland age to gamble in order to be 100% safe.

More About Maryland Sportsbooks And Legal Sports Betting In Maryland

Are Maryland Residents Accepted At Bovada?

Unforunately, Bovada is not currently open to residents of Maryland. They do not allow any new registrations but Maryland residents that had an account before the switch from Bodog to Bovada are still allowed to get in on the action... at least the last time we were told.

Is sports betting legal In Maryland?

This answer can be twofold because of the fact that there can be different types of sports betting. There is betting sports in person, which is not legal in Maryland, and then there is betting sports online as a resident in Maryland, which is legal at offshore sportsbooks.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Maryland?

To bet sports online in the state of Maryland, players have to be at least 21 years old. Players will have to meet this requirement even if the online sportsbook requires players to be only 18 years old to play at their site.

Maryland Sports Betting Laws

As far as sports-specific betting laws just in the state of Maryland, they follow under the guidelines of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which sports betting, was outlawed in 46 of the 50 states in the country, including Maryland. Maryland has abided by this federal legislation, and has not pursued at any level to legalized sports betting. One reason cited for this is the University of Maryland, and the NCAA having strict rules on not allowing any events of theirs to be played in a state that has legalized sports betting. Maryland has a recent history with hosting some NCAA-sanctioned event, like the Women's NCAA Regional Basketball tournament.

Will I Go to Jail For Betting Online?

Betting sports online at these US online sportsbooks we have mentioned on this page is a completely legal option for residents. Provided that you are not gambling underage, or operating one of these sites in the state, you are not breaking the law and will not be committed to jail.

Final Thought About Maryland Sportsbooks + Sports Betting

Hopefully you realize that as a Maryland resident, you certainly have some legal recourse when it comes to placing wagers on your favorite teams and sports. Betting at these offshore sites is extremely popular for USA bettors, and the fact that they are legal means that Maryland doesn't have to worry about getting into trouble. Whether or not sports betting will be legalized in Maryland remains to be seen, but it looks like the attitude of the residents and government in the state is fine with the current federal legislation.